Devina More

I have consulted Vidhi Beri, in her capacity as a lactation consultant both times my children were born. The first time proved to be a learning experience for me, where, without Vidhi and my husband's support I would not at all have been able to feed for the time I did.


Personally I feel, lactation is deeply affected by your mental status at that time. Anxiety, lack of rest, is a constant feeling, and you can only come out on top when you're mentally sure you're doing the best for your baby, and I completely had Vidhi's support.

During my second issue, I fed much longer, and that too was a lot, due to the guidance I had from Vidhi.

Her expertise with dealing with a fussy baby, or an over anxious mother is spot on, and I'm so glad I had the chance to feed my little one longer thanks to her.

Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj

As advised by my Gynaecologist, I consulted Vidhi Beri to understand and ease the lactation process.


In my session she guided on how to hold the baby correctly, what to expect, stress and anxiety handling. I would highly recommend new moms to consult her before entering the new phase of life.

Tanvi bhagat

"How do i sit? Why is my baby not latching? Why am I not able to express? How do I get rid of my back pain?" These were some of the zillion question stressing me out once my baby was born.


I had the good fortune of taking consultations from Vidhi Beri, an expert in the field of lactation and nutrition and it helped me immensely. By consulting her I was able to get answers to all my queries and was able to exclusively feed my baby comfortably without any stress or anxiety! She also prepared my diet to ensure I ate right, was able to lactate enough also managed to loose some of the pregnancy weight. I would highly recommend her to all pregnant women because i realised that there are many things we may think are right for us but in actuality they are not and guidance from a professional such as her always clarifies doubts.