Stem Cell Banking


Stem Cell Banking is fast developing as a choice for parents looking to preserve the precious stem cord blood for their new born babies which provide a medium of treatment of diseases like diabetes and heart diseases. The science of stem cell banking begins with the umbilical cord which links the mother-child relationship and provides all forms of nourishment and protection while the child is in the mother’s womb. The blood within the umbilical cord which has no use for the child (post-birth) and the removal of which does not create any problems for your child can be preserved during your child’s lifetime as bio-insurance for your child’s health.

Stem Cell - A Bio-Wonder

Stem Cells are medically also referred to as master cells of the human body. In common parlance they can be attributed as the building blocks of human beings. The stem cells have the unique characteristic to grow and generate into a number of different cell varieties. Internal tissue repairing is also aided by stem cells owing to their nature of dividing itself infinite number of times. Thus, they can form a potential mechanism to renew all worn out cells/tissue/muscles of our bodies and replace those tissues, muscles, organs, etc that have started signs of malfunction and/or fatigue. This is quite unlike normal cells of our body which are incapable of such functions and hence stem cells offer unique therapies and solutions.

The major types of stem cells present in human body are referred to as:

• Totipotent cells – which have the capability to develop into any kind of human cell. They are formed during the phase when an egg is fertilized into an embryo and then into a feutus through a number of division which is generally restricted to 3-4 divisions. Post such divisions Totipotent cells are not able to further divide into other cells.

• Pluripotent cells – These cells are developed following the initial divisions of the Totipotent cells. They have the characteristics to convert into almost any form of cell in human body. In combination with Totipotent cells, Pluripotent cells are capable of developing new organisms are the building block of human life.

• Multi-potent cells – The third type of cells as the name suggest are capable for developing into multiple types of cells like the cells of blood, muscles, heart muscle, nerves, etc. they are usually adult stem cells which prove very effective as a mechanism to replace and repair damaged tissues.

Therapies Based on Stem Cells

The characteristic of stem cell has provided the medical world a fresh perspective to treat critical illness of the nature of diabetes and heart diseases. The regenerative or reparative form of medicine (stem cell therapy is medically referred by this name) thus, uses the infinite regenerative powers of the stem cells to offer treatment for these critical illnesses. The stem cells based treatment research is the most promising arenas of modern biological field and offers hope for treatment of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, heart strike, diabetes, spinal cord illness, arthritis, etc. Umbilical cord blood collected during your child’s birth and stored at the optimum temperature by a stem cell bank provides vast potential for treating critical diseases of your child and his/her siblings.

Umbilical cord blood scores over bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells primarily on the basis of reduced risk of rejection, versatile nature and easy availability of umbilical cord blood cells.

A number of treatable diseases that stem cells can provide cure for have been enumerated as follows:

• A number of treatable diseases that stem cells can provide cure for have been enumerated as follows:

• Leukemia – both acute and chronic leukemia

• Histiocytic disorders

• Myelodysplastic syndromes

• Myeloproliferative disorders

• Inherited immune system disorders

Being a non-invasive and painless process, stem cell banking through preservation of umbilical cord blood serves as a useful and effective therapy for insuring your child’s health for lifetime. 10 minutes is all what it takes to bio-insure your children

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