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    Educate, raise awareness, and bring about a dynamic learning process in the area of childbirth and child rearing.

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    Educate, raise awareness, and bring about a dynamic learning process in the area of childbirth and child rearing.

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About Birth And Beyond

Vidhi Beri is a global educator in the fields of holistic health, lactation, nutrition and mental health counseling. Her work encompasses the private and public sector to attain her goal of engendering socio-economic change. She engages with private hospitals, corporations, non-profit organisations, and governmental bodies as a consultant, trainer, and advisor.

She has conducted talks and workshops on Mind and Body Wellness, Lactation, Child Nutrition and Maternity Wellness for the last seven years. Her insightful solutions for a nutritional balance in each individual’s lifestyle based on preferences make her practice unique.

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    Prenatal and Postnatal care

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    Child Nutrition

We are striving to be a one stop shop for Kolkatans in terms of providing the correct information regarding conception, maternity, and parenting.


Birth and Beyond is a pioneer resource organization dedicated to new and expecting mothers in Kolkata.

This is the first holistic step to providing consultancy services in the field of maternity apart from the regular medical practice.




  • Baby Care Sessions
  • Daddy Training Camps
  • Family Sensitisation
  • Energy Correction for New Moms and Babies
  • Pre and Postnatal Blues Counselling
  • Breastfeeding Education
  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Sound Healing for Moms
  • Music and Movement Classes
  • Parenting Workshops
  • Prenatal Fitness and Nutrition


  • Review 3

    I have consulted Vidhi Beri, in her capacity as a lactation consultant both times my children were born. The first time proved to be a learning experience for me, where, without Vidhi and my husband's support I would not at all have been able to feed for the time I did.

    Devina More

    1 April 2018

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  • Review 2

    As advised by my Gynaecologist, I consulted Vidhi Beri to understand and ease the lactation process.

    Shikha Kedia Bharadwaj

    1 April 2018

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  • Review 1

    "How do i sit? Why is my baby not latching? Why am I not able to express? How do I get rid of my back pain?" These were some of the zillion question stressing me out once my baby was born.

    Tanvi bhagat

    1 April 2018

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Breast is Best for the baby, mother, and society

Breastfeeding is key to pursuing adequate health outcomes in infants. It is the most natural nutrition source and form of bonding between mother and child. Nursing a child has become a highly debated and discussed subject as lifestyle choices and knowledge sources evolve.


Always Consult to Check Your Health Professional Doctor

There are innumerable health benefits of mother’s milk and the benefits are not just restricted to the baby, the mother also benefits from it to a great extent. Infact, in other words it can be said that breast milk is equally effect for babies as well as grownups.


9 natural ways to handle hormonal Imbalance in woman after Child Birth

Do you know that your hormonal levels of estrogen and progesterone change abruptly post-delivery? During pregnancy hormonal levels remain at the peak. Note that after birth the level gradually reaches an optimum level. There are various ways with the help of which you can restore the hormonal balance.